Journal of Princess (macabreprincess) wrote in blood_lipstick,
Journal of Princess

Taking care of Grandmom...

Her blood flowed in the most delicious way. So tasty... No longe rancient, but young and alive.... Still there where this little extra taste of how wonderfully old she really was.... Princess drank slowly, enjoying every drop... So... good. The little lawyers eye's was trying to burn Princess with his eyes, it felt like. A slight tang of excitement came from him to... What a lovely naughty boy! Seeing Grandmom turn turned him on!

When pretty Grandmom was on the brink of death, not here not there yet, I let my sharp nail slide between my breasts and pressed her mouth to the wound. Such a pretty little child Grandmom will be. Take care of me, as I take care of her. Princess hugged her tightly to my breasts... It felt so nice feeling her lips suckle the wound, taking a new life from me. A life with me.

Butafter a little bit, the suckling stopped, and Grandmom turned cold and still in my arms. "My pretty pretty girl. Sweet, sweet Grandmom..." Princess crooned to her, holding her like a baby.

"She needs a bed now, my pretty child" I told the little lawyer and started to walk to the door. "Just she and me."

"Ifyou excuse me, Drusilla" he said "I think I can help you with that. There is a lovely rose-garden not far from here. Would that do?"

Princess pondered for a moment, but finally I had to agree. A rose-garden would be a perfect bed for my girl. So we left. In a pretty pretty big black car. The little lawyer offered to help me carry Grandmom, but no. Princess would have none of that.

And there it was. A beautiful rose-garden on top of a building. Princess digged Grandmoms grave myself. The little lawyer left after a bit, when Princess stopped talking to him. Such a pretty grave it would be. Only the best for Grandmom. I put her down, very carefully and fetched the most pretty rose of them all putting it in her hands.

Then I pushed all the dirt back in place. Now no one could see Grandmom anymore. The wicked sun were soon coming up and Princess had to leave. But first, I lay down on top of the earth, hugging it.

“Soon, Grandmom. Princess will return as soon as the wicked sun have set again. Little Lindsey will watch you now.” Princess knew he was waiting by the big black car that was going to take Princess home, waiting, waiting…

[[Continued from HERE.]]
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